The label Villes et Pays d'art et d'histoire, created in 1985, is 30 years old! This anniversary is an opportunity for the network of the Centre-Val de Loire region to be part of the actions led by the Val de Loire Mission and all the cultural and tourist actors, around the commemoration of the accession to the throne of François I in 1515.

These 30 years coincide wonderfully, in 2015, with other emblematic celebrations, such as those initiated by the actors of research and live performance around François I. The network is fully associated with it, to revive today a complex period, origin of our knowledge and modern ways of life.

Thank you to the authors, and to our cartoonist Patrick Trémillon of the DRAC, who can guide us in this journey of images and texts.


VPAH Publication 2, 08/2015, 64 pp.