Isabelle Le Callennec, mayor of Vitré, and Isabelle Chardonnier, regional director of cultural affairs of Brittany signed, On 20 April 2023, a triennial convention on the programme of interventions on buildings protected under the historic monuments of the city of Vitré.

Located on the Marches of Upper Brittany, the city of Vitré is famous for its important medieval and classical heritage. Five of its monuments are listed and some sixty inscribed. Its assets are the testimony of a period of prosperity during which its canvases of hemp and flax were sold throughout Europe, especially by the members of its "Brotherhood of Overseas Merchants", active from 1472. The wealth, preservation and valorization of this heritage have earned the city of Vitré to be endowed with a Sector safeguarded and an Area of valorization of architecture and heritage (AVAP). She has also been awarded the Ville d'art et d'histoire (VAH) label since 1999.

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Rue Baudrairie Vitré ©DRAC Bretagne

This new convention, which is part of a long-standing partnership, illustrates and materializes a shared strategy for the preservation of heritage between the State and the contracting city.

The convention sets out the list of monuments that the State and the city will jointly finance over the period 2023-2025. This includes the castle, the fortified enclosure and the church of Saint-Martin, for an estimated budget of €2.125M with financial support from the State of more than €0.6M.

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