“By also having access to culture at home, we are helping to ensure that culture lives and that tomorrow we can continue to have this extraordinary cultural effervescence in our country,” said Franck Riester, Minister of Culture.


The Ministry of Culture today launched the #culturecheznous website, an expanded version of the operation initiated a month ago. This site brings together in a single virtual space nearly 700 proposals of online content from 500 cultural and artistic actors present everywhere in France: exhibitions, museums, films, documentaries, podcasts, concerts, plays, books, video games, artistic practice… Users will find on a single platform the main part of the French cultural offer accessible online.

The #culturecheznous page, launched on 18 March, essentially identified the online offerings of major cultural institutions as a digital alternative to the physical cultural offerings made impossible by lockdown. The success of this approach with the public and the very high demand of several hundred institutions to be referenced led the Ministry to think about this new tool.   More broadly open to the diversity of the cultural offer, this new site will be part of the long term, beyond the unprecedented health crisis that our country is experiencing. #culturecheznous has a long-term vocation to become a place of reference for all cultural actors and for Internet users.

On 24 April, #culturecheznous is reinventing itself in a new format with nearly 700 proposals. Built as a content aggregator, this site now has a search bar to better identify a particular cultural actor, activity or theme.

Open and accessible to all, #culturecheznous will offer a selection of offers for everyone: art and plastic workshops, online games, educational materials, lectures, graphic activities, concerts or theatre programs, archives, e-books, thematic articles etc. Content will also be accessible for people with disabilities.

Everyone must be able to find material and courses adapted to their desires, be able to arouse their curiosity or share a moment with family, couples or friends. It is in the light of these criteria that the cultural offers presented on the site are selected.

This digital cultural offer has been identified throughout France thanks to the mobilization of regional cultural affairs departments, networks of cultural actors, and federations of local elected officials. With nearly 700 proposals the new website highlights the exceptional cultural richness of all our territories.

Beyond the current period of confinement, this new site will arouse the desire to physically discover museums, exhibition places, castles, archives, theatres, performance halls, libraries, cinemas etc. that present their cultural offer online. Set up by the services of the Ministry of Culture, this platform is an additional way to access the diversity and richness of the French cultural offer. The Ministry invites all those interested in participating in this ambitious project to express themselves directly via the platform.

Discover the new #culturecheznous platform here: www.culturecheznous.gouv.fr