Françoise Nyssen, Minister of Culture, welcomes the vote by the European Parliament in favour of the copyright directive. This vote allows the European Parliament and the European Council to open the dialogue with a view to the rapid adoption of a final text.

The Minister thanked the rapporteur and all the Members who actively worked to defend copyright. She particularly welcomes the commitment of Jean-Marie Cavada, who played a major role in obtaining this vote. It welcomes the tremendous and united drive of creators and publishers to raise awareness of the importance of this directive for cultural diversity in Europe.

The text adopted by the European Parliament includes major steps to strengthen the capacity of content creators and publishers to be remunerated when platforms use their works or content, while respecting the rights and freedoms of internet users:

- The creation of a neighbouring right for press publishers to ensure better remuneration for the online reproduction of their articles;

- Increased accountability of platforms to ensure a better sharing of the value associated with the dissemination of works online, for the benefit of creators;

- The right to fair and proportional remuneration for creators.

While discussions between Parliament and the Council will now start on a tight schedule, France will continue to be fully mobilized to ensure that the rest of the negotiations confirm these advances and dedicate, Overall, balanced solutions that benefit the public, creators and media pluralism.

Françoise Nyssen said: Protecting creators in the digital age means guaranteeing internet users ever greater diversity and richness in cultural content. At a time when the extreme right is advocating the withdrawal of identity and the return to national borders, political Europe has brought the best evidence of its ability to protect our cultural model.”