I learned with great sadness the disappearance of Miss Tic.

Accessible to all, his stencils were both funny and dirty, tragic and romantic, tender and violent, modest and erotic. She tattooed our cities and our hearts by the scope of her words and the beauty of her drawings. 

The street was his gallery, the walker his visitor, our walls his canvas; his drawings of murmures that caught our attention for an instant, almost our ear. 

She was full of laughter and thought, as she had written in one of her books illustrated in one of her stencils, "I put on wall art to bombard hearts."

She was elusive, unclassifiable and above all free.

We lose an immense artist, a touching and profound woman; her stencils become iconic will continue to poetize our streets for a long time.

I extend my deepest condolences to his family and loved ones.