Roselyne Bachelot was saddened to learn of the passing of Marianne Peretti.

A graduate of the Ecole des Arts Décoratifs, a Brazilian father and a French mother, Marianne Peretti was an extraordinary and tireless designer whose talent for creating contemporary stained glass windows was recognized around the world.

Noticed by the French critic for her exhibitions of drawings in the 1950s, she moved to Brazil where she met Oscar Niemeyer, with whom she worked for 25 years. Together, they create an artistic gateway between the two countries, combining their respective inspirations.

Their collaboration will give Oscar Niemeyer’s monumental achievements a bold aesthetic, an artistic and architectural modernity giving them the status of works of art in their own right. The lightness, the sensitivity, the poetry of his stained glass windows will bring a particular brilliance to Oscar Niemeyer’s architectures like the large glass mantle covering the cathedral of Brasilia, one of the most emblematic achievements of Marianne Peretti.  

In parallel to this collaboration, she exhibited her drawings and paintings from São Paulo, Paris, Le Havre, and Rio de Janeiro and won the First Prize for the cover of the book «Les Mots de Jean-Paul Sartre» at the 5th Biennale in São Paulo.

Brazilian, Marianne Peretti will never cut her French roots. She creates her first stained glass window, for the refectory of a training center for young apprentices located Impasse Delépine in Paris, but also two bird-sculptures, the Birds, which since 1982 overlook the Niemeyer Volcano in Le Havre.

It leaves an abundant work, having drawn until its 90 years sculptures, stained glass, furniture, working as well glass, iron, steel or bronze.

Roselyne Bachelot-Narquin extends her deepest condolences to her family.