Roselyne Bachelot-Narquin, Minister of Culture, pays tribute to Raoul Cauvin, a talented Belgian cartoonist and creator of the Blue Tunics series.

After studying advertising lithography in one of the most famous art schools in Belgium, Raoul Cauvin entered the working life working in several small trades. He joined Dupuis as a letter writer and discovered the mechanics of scenario construction for which he was passionate.  With Louis Salvérius then Willy Lambil from 1972, he created the Blue Tunics, which became a series of successful adventures.

From the first plates, the characteristics that will make the success of the series are present: the art of the rebound and the sense of the schoolboy humor. Equipped with Sergeant Cornelius Chesterfield and Corporal Blutch, soldiers of the Union army fighting the Confederate army during the Civil War, Cauvin encapsulates a duo of characters taking the counter-and united in a spirit of camaraderie. These heroes have offered thousands of pages of laughter and discovery from this historical period to an entire generation of readers, children and adults alike. Since 1968, more than 60 albums have been published, 15 million copies have been sold and the series has been translated into seven languages, making it one of the most popular comics of the last fifty years.

At the same time as this series with its impressive longevity, Raoul Cauvin, a writer with an abundant imagination, explores all kinds of humour – from black, sometimes creaky, to “counter gags” – and collaborates with multiple cartoonists, confirming his genius for situations and his ability to imagine and create in very diverse social and professional worlds. Faithful to the Dupuis editions, he is the author of the scripts of thirty successful series, sometimes in main title (including Pierre Tombal with Hardy and Les Femmes en blanc with Bercovici) or only for some albums (Boule and Bill, Natacha). Up to the last few months, Raoul Cauvin was the director of L'Agent 212 (series drawn by Kox since 1975) and Cédric (with Laudec since 1986).

Raoul Cauvin was a Knight in the Order of Arts and Letters.

Roselyne Bachelot-Narquin pays tribute to the memory of this Franco-Belgian comic book giant who has invented hundreds of incredible, funny and tender stories, and addresses his thoughts to his loved ones and to his millions of grateful readers.