With his family and his history coming from elsewhere, Charles Aznavour has so well, for nearly a century, embodied what France is.

He sang love, time passing, the joys and disappointments of a life, his happy moments, a sweet melancholy. One of the greatest names of the French song has just left us, an artist known, admired, loved all over the world.

During his long and magnificent career, Charles Aznavour composed more than a thousand songs: «La Bohème», «Hier encore», «For me Formidable», «Comme ils dit», «Emmenez-moi» and so many other successes.

The author - composer could rely, to defend his creations, on a voice that, from the first notes, knew how to seduce and captivate his audience. Aznavour was also an extraordinary performer of his own songs, which he knew how to play, in every sense of the word, with an incomparable power of conviction. Behind the microphone was the great actor he had also been in some sixty films directed by the best directors of his time, from Cocteau to Chabrol, not to mention Truffaut.

Ambassador and permanent representative of Armenia to the UN, Charles Aznavour was a man of goodwill, a generous man, a man faithful to his origins. Having received much of life, he had always had at heart to give in turn.

France loses Aznavour, one of its greatest poets, a true legend that has crossed borders and eras.

The French lost Charles, a familiar face who took them for over 70 years to the land of his great songs.

My thoughts are with his family and loved ones.