Samuel Hadida was a great figure of our culture, a bold and intuitive producer and distributor. The world cinema owes him a lot.

He passionately defended a certain idea of the 7th art. With the distribution company Metropolitan FilmExport, which he co-founded with his brother Victor and their father David, he participated in the rise of American horror cinema in France (Evil Dead of Sam Raimi, The Clutches of Night Wes Craven) and introduced a wider audience to Asian cinema in the 1990s, with films by John Woo, Jackie Chan, and Tsui Hark. He has also collaborated with the greatest filmmakers of our time, from Scorsese to Spielberg and Terrence Malick.

An eclectic and innovative spirit, a true precursor, he helped to marry the video game and the big screen with the sagas Resident Evil and Silent Hill.

Producer, he gave birth to the films of some of the most talented Anglo-Saxon directors: Tony Scott (True Romance), David Cronenberg (Spider), George Clooney (Good Night, and Good Luck), Brian De Palma (The black dahlia) or Terry Gilliam (Dr Parnassus' imaginarium). In France, The Wolf Pact will remain his greatest success in theaters.

He had just finished producing The best years, the continuation ofA man and a woman of Claude Lelouch.

His intelligence, generosity and artistic courage formed a rare alchemy that we will miss.