With Guy Bedos, a free-spirited actor has just left us.

At seventeen, Guy Bedos had just arrived from Algeria and he felt that theatre would be his life. He trains, plays, directs and begins writing sketches. During a career spanning more than sixty years, French women and French women discovered and loved him in music hall, theatre, television and film shows. His interpretation of the character of Simon in the films of Yves Robert brings him directly into the mythology of the great French popular films.

It is as a humorist that he gives free rein to all his fantasy and his bite, in shows during which the public waits, hilarious, the words of his famous press review that spares no one and scratches everyone, and especially the political world. Perfectly comfortable alone on stage, he also knew how to share it, as proved by his shows with Sophie Daumier, Michel Boujenah, Smaïn and Muriel Robin.  Guy Bedos was also a committed artist, a humanist who did not hesitate to defend his ideas with all the strength and energy that characterized him.

I extend my deepest condolences to his family and loved ones.