Thirty-six institutions mobilized against cultural segregation

14e Living Together Mission Forum - Tuesday 6 February 2018 at Radio France [10am – 4pm]


At the initiative of the Ministry of Culture and led by Universcience, the Vivre ensemble mission brings together thirty-six cultural institutions in the Ile-de-France region that have joined forces to fight against cultural segregation.

Their aim is to make culture play its full role in the fight against exclusion and the disintegration of the social bond. They illustrate the variety of cultural places: museums, monuments, performing scenes (theatre, music, dance, etc.), cinemas, libraries and media centres, archives...

In order to reach vulnerable or unfamiliar audiences, these institutions have chosen to work with people who act as relays: volunteers, social workers, educators, facilitators, trainers… They are involved in prevention, integration, restoration of the social bond or even learning French.

The strength of the system consists in the sharing and synergy between cultural institutions and in a dialogue of trust with the relays.

The 36 cultural institutions participating in the Living Together Mission have developed a charter to welcome these audiences and are committed to making their cultural offerings accessible to all by proposing:

  • a clearly identified correspondent;
  • free discovery, awareness and training sessions;
  • appropriate mediations;
  • Preparation and assistance documents;
  • of tariff adjustments.


Each year, one of the member institutions organises a forum to host the network. This meeting allows everyone to present their cultural offer to the relays and promotes friendly exchanges with the whole network in the perspective of common projects.

This year, Radio France, host of this event, has chosen to put media literacy at the heart of this day. Meeting time, radio workshops, visits to the building, broadcasts, concerts… are all proposals that will be made to the relays to discover the possibilities offered by the Maison ronde.

Beyond the member institutions, the Defender of Rights as well as Paris Museums, which brings together the 14 museums of the city of Paris, are invited to join forces to present their actions in favour of social actors.