Françoise Nyssen, Minister of Culture, announces her decision to classify the remains of the Corderie in Marseille as historical monuments.

As she had undertaken, the 635 m² of remains of the quarry were the subject of a presentation to the National Heritage and Architecture Commission on 6 September. The latter voted unanimously in favour of classifying the remains.

In 2017, during the construction of a building by the Vinci Immobilier group, boulevard de la Corderie in Marseille, a preventive excavation operation uncovered a limestone quarry whose exploitation dates back to the Ve century BC, following the foundation of Phocaea by the Greeks.

This important discovery has strongly mobilized the inhabitants who love the protection of their heritage. In October 2017, the Minister of Culture, Françoise Nyssen, visited the site to meet with local residents and stakeholders. At that time, it wanted strong protection, adapted to the particularity of the site and its great fragility.

Thus, the archaeological remains, within a perimeter of 635 m², were placed under the jurisdiction of the classification body by decision of 2 November 2017. After examination by the Regional Commission for Heritage and Architecture (CRPA) on 29 November 2017, these remains were inscribed as historic monuments by prefectural decree of 24 January 2018.

The conservation of the site will have to be accompanied by its development through specific arrangements allowing its visibility and mediation work conducted locally towards all audiences, as requested by the Minister.

On the occasion of the European Heritage Days, the Minister wished that a plaque Historical monuments be installed on the site.