Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Economy, Finance and Recovery, Roselyne Bachelot-Narquin, Minister of Culture, and Olivier Dussopt, Deputy Minister for Public Accounts, announce the entry into the national collections of a set of 238 original plates, drawings and manuscripts by Richard Peyzaret, known as F'murrr.

The dation device mobilized by the heirs of the author is a first in the history of the 9th art and evidence of the growing heritage interest in comics. This initiative takes its place in the year dedicated by the Ministry of Culture to comics, «BD 20-21», and implements one of the proposals of the report of Pierre Lungheretti, Comics, a new artistic and cultural frontier. 54 proposals for a renewed national policy (2019), which advocated that, through a reasoned policy, author holdings should be included in public heritage collections.

Born on 31 March 1946 in Paris, graduate of the École supérieure des arts appliqués Duperré, Richard Peyzaret published in 1971 his first comic book, the Backwards tales, in Pilot, whose editor was then René Goscinny.

In 1973, F'murrr began in the same journal his most famous series, The Alpine Genius. In a mountain setting, a flock of more than 200 sheep, their successive shepherds and their dogs engage in activities marked by nonsense, where improbable characters, literary winks and absurd situations mingle. Fourteen albums will be published by Dargaud between 1976 and 2007. Several awards will distinguish the work of this author: in 1975, the Prix Saint-Michel, awarded in Belgium, the crown as best foreign draftsman; in 1978, the third album, Get off my grass, is recognized at the Angoulême International Comic Strip Festival as the best French comic.

From 1976, F'murrr collaborates with the monthly magazine (To follow) published by Casterman - and the collection of albums with the same name. There he delivers medieval stories: Jehanne at the foot of the wall (1980) and Tim Galère (1985) and The Poor Knight (1990) , which won the Alph-Art Humour award at the Angoulême Festival in 1991 as the best French-language comedy album of the past year, and The Blind (1992).

F'murrr has also worked on several iconic titles in comics, including Charlie monthly (1975) , Metal Howling (with Jehanne d'Arc1976-1977), Glacial fluid (with Robin Box, 1977) or Spirou. By the richness of his inspiration and inventiveness, he is a major author of the comic book of humour to which he has brought a spirit inspired by the nonsense english.

The works accepted in dation cover, through 238 lots, forty-five years of creation, since the second plate of the Alpine genius published in Pilot January 25, 1973 until the ink and wash studies entitled «Mortal Sin» in 2018, the year of the author’s death. Almost all the works published by F'murrr are represented.

Assigned to the National Library of France, this set will be deposited at the Cité internationale de la bande dessinée et de l'image d'Angoulême and at the Tomi Ungerer Museum - Centre international de l'illustration (Strasbourg City Museum).

Introduced by the Law of 31 December 1968, adopted at the instigation of André Malraux, and which came into force in 1970, the procedure allows for the exceptional payment of inheritance and transfer duties free of charge between living persons, the right to share and the tax on real estate wealth, by handing over to the State cultural property recognized as having high artistic or historical value. This procedure, instructed by the Interministerial Commission for the Approval of the Conservation of the National Artistic Heritage, has contributed significantly to the enrichment of public collections for half a century.