Following the report of Emilie Cariou and Pascal Bois given to the Prime Minister, the Government had indicated its wish to see the creation of a National Center of Music from 1er january 2020.

This project represents a new impetus for the music sector, serving diversity and all the players in the music sector.

The Minister would like to commend the work of rapporteur Jean-Raymond Hugonet and the members of the Committee on Cultural Affairs, which under the chairmanship of Catherine Morin-Desailly, have greatly contributed to enriching the text adopted by MEPs.

This bill is accompanied by preparatory work carried out in consultation with the entire profession. Under the chairmanship of Catherine Ruggeri, Inspector General of Cultural Affairs, the working committees are responsible for dealing with all operational issues related to the project: legal, budgetary, administrative, real estate and social.

The National Music Centre equips the music industry with a tool that is commensurate with the challenges facing the sector, in order to preserve the musical diversity and economic balance of the players who make music the first cultural practice of the French.