Created in 2016, following the agreement on unemployment insurance, with the ambition of promoting employment in live entertainment by encouraging companies to lengthen the duration of employment contracts, the FONPEPS (National Fund for Sustainable Employment in Entertainment) evolves to gain readability and simplicity. 

After wide-ranging consultations and a review of previous measures, it was decided to simplify the current system for professionals by merging the main aids and to review their scales in order to reinforce their incentive character. 

From now on, a single aid for the recruitment of employees on indefinite or fixed-term contracts to take up a job covered by Annexes VIII and X to the Unemployment Insurance Regulation will replace the first four measures of the present system, while providing more specific support for the employment of lyric artists.

This fund will therefore benefit from additional resources to the tune of €5 million in 2020 thanks to a measure set out in the finance law.

The decree instituting this new device was published in the Official Journal of 2 October 2019.

The rest of the current system remains unchanged, in particular the support system for employment in the phonographic publishing sector (ADEP), the support provision for the use of the artistic stage of live performances broadcast in small-gauge theatres (APAJ), early child care support for artists and intermittent performance technicians (AGEDATI) and support for the coffee and culture sector (cafés and restaurants).