Françoise Nyssen, Minister of Culture, congratulates the Atelier Novembre, architecture agency, Representative of the group chosen to ensure project management of the development of tertiary spaces for the installation of part of its services within the Quadrilateral of archives in the 3e borough of Paris.

The Ministry of Culture undertakes a large-scale heritage project aimed both at rationalizing the real estate establishment of the headquarters and at restoring and enhancing the Quadrilateral archives, Remarkable heritage island in the heart of the Marais and historic settlement since 1808 of the National Archives.

This project aims, on the one hand, to redevelop certain buildings to accommodate new services of the Ministry of Culture and, on the other hand, to improve the conditions of conservation of archives and to develop the museum offer of the National Archives to the public. It is accompanied by a vast campaign of restoration of buildings classified as historical monuments and is part of the objective of opening the Quadrilateral on the city, continuing the process towards the Parisian company in 2011 with the opening of the gardens to the public.

The approach developed by the November Workshop for the layout of the interior spaces intended for the installation of nearly 300 agents of the Ministry makes it possible to respond perfectly to the complexity of the operation with a team composed of five multidisciplinary co-workers, combining a double curriculum of architecture and design. This vision makes it possible to reconcile the conservation of existing heritage and the contemporary development of the sites with measured architectural interventions.

L'Atelier Novembre (Jacques Pajot and Marc Iseppi) has led several major projects to rehabilitate sensitive sites in order to accommodate public facilities. L'Atelier Novembre has notably created the «Centquatre» centre for artistic creations in Paris and is currently working on the construction of the Inguimbertine library-museum in Carpentras.

He has partnered for this operation with the agency CUT architecture (Benjamin Clarens and Yann Martin). The projects developed by the agency mainly concern interior fittings in various fields: tertiary, hotel, residential and catering.

The ARTELIA design office, the economist VPEAS and the acoustician JP Lamoureux complete the formation of the consortium.

The budget for the tertiary operation is €13.1 million excluding tax. Its realization was entrusted to the project manager delegated to the Operator of heritage and real estate projects of Culture (OPPIC). The work on historical monuments is carried out under the mastery of François Jeanneau, chief architect of historical monuments.