The Atlas Culture is a website intended to help professionals and more generally citizens to understand cultural activities in a given territory from a cartographic tool and portrait cards of each of the French regions. It was designed as part of an innovative digital interdepartmental program (Contractors of general interest).

The site mobilizes more than a hundred datasets relating to cultural offer, public cultural expenditure, employment and cultural enterprises. The Atlas Culture enables these to be cross-referenced with geographical and socio-economic information, such as the median standard of living of a municipality, regional wealth or, for example, the share of young people or managers in the population, to describe the territories and their population.

The Atlas is based on 71,600 places, sites and cultural facilities, to which will be added the thousands of festivals whose national census is in progress. It illustrates the extraordinary richness and variety of the offer on French territory. Also represented are the 609,600 workers declaring a cultural occupation as their main activity in France and the 90,400 cultural establishments employers in the market or non-market fields and their employees.

The Atlas makes it possible to visualize the expenditures devoted to culture for all levels of administration, from the State (Ministry of Culture) in the regions, to the communes, inter-communal communities, departments and regions, and these maps can be crossed, for example, with the cultural offer present in the territory.

A knowledge tool for territorial diagnostics, the Atlas Culture will be enriched in the coming weeks with a datavisualisation tool that will facilitate the reading of the datasets it mobilizes and will usefully complement the cartographic approach.

In parallel, an issue of the collection «Culture études», entitled l'Atlas Culture: cultural dynamics and territorial disparities in France synthesises national data on cultural supply, employment, enterprises and cultural expenditure in the territories mobilized in the Atlas and describes the different zoning that characterizes populations and spaces, rural or urban for example.

The Atlas Culture and summary sheets for each of the regions can be consulted here: http://atlasculture.en/