The Clairvaux Abbey, a major historic and heritage site, has been assigned multiple functions over time: first a religious ensemble of the 12th century, then transformed into a penitentiary in the early 19th century, the abbey remains one of the jewels of French architecture.

The Ministry of Culture, in partnership with local authorities, is launching until September 30, 2022, a call for expressions of interest to succeed in the challenge of heritage conversion, cultural and economic aspects of the Clairvaux site in a strategy of regional attractiveness. The aim here will be to promote the development of one or more projects of respectful reuse of the site, worthy of its international reputation, and offering a significant part to the discovery of the places by the general public. The selection will focus on the most ambitious project in terms of heritage and regional development, but also the most relevant for the proposed activities. 

The project will focus on three issues:

  • the development of tourism development and the installation of new activities;
  • the restoration, preservation and enhancement of historic monuments;
  • interior and exterior design.

The Clairvaux Abbey, a reflection of two worlds that have succeeded each other, will, thanks to this project, be able to open new chapters and continue to tell its different stories to visitors.


Consult the publication notice on the State procurement website HERE.

Consult the announcement on the website of real estate rentals of the State HERE.