On the occasion of MIPIM 2023, is launched the «Réhab XX» list, at the initiative of the Ministry of Culture in partnership with Cerema, the public expert for ecological transition and cohesion of territories, with a view to promoting the architectural and use quality of virtuous and resilient rehabilitation of buildings from the second half of the 20th century.

This highlight marks the desire of the Ministry of Culture towards private and public project owners, project managers, elected officials and local authorities to encourage qualitative and innovative energy renovations. The Ministry of Culture wishes to affirm the place of architecture and architects at the heart of the challenges to meet the challenges of the ecological transition.

After a first jury, in mid-June 2023, which will pre-screen the selected applications, the Cerema will provide more in-depth technical expertise. The deliberations by a final jury, composed of institutional representatives and qualified personalities, followed by the announcement of the winners, will take place in autumn 2023.

The «Réhab XX» list: good examples of rehabilitation of buildings of the second half of the 20th century

The objectives of reducing energy consumption lead to a large number of thermal refurbishments and renovations, especially on buildings after 1948, often of low quality, that can degrade the original architecture and trivialize the urban landscape.

The organization of this list aims to identify exemplary energy renovation operations but also, more broadly, rehabilitation operations concerning buildings after 1948 and not protected as historical monuments.

The projects and operations selected must be part of a double dynamic: on the one hand, to promote architectural, urban and use quality, and on the other hand to engage in the ecological transition and energy efficiency.

Eligibility criteria

The application must be co-signed by the contracting authority and the project manager (architect or architectural agency).

The project owners and clients have the possibility to submit several projects within the limit of three applications for the same team. The list covers three categories: housing, equipment and business buildings.

The candidate projects, through their project management and project management teams, will have to show particular attention to the techniques and materials used, in an environmentally responsible approach that values the territories and their know-how (quality of implementation, life cycle analysis, carbon balance, quality of use, etc.). The winning projects will serve as a corpus of examples that can be used as a “school” tool.

To apply: https://www.culture.gouv.fr/fr/Demarches-en-ligne/Par-type-de-demarche/Appels-a-projets-candidatures/Rehab-XX-Palmares-de-rehabilitations-exemplaires-de-l-architecture-de-la-seconde-moitie-du-XXe-siecle