On Monday, February 14, 2022, the Minister of Culture welcomed the President and CEO of La Poste, the presidents of the Alliance pour la presse d'information générale, the Syndicat des éditeurs de la presse magazine and the Fédération nationale de la presse spécialisée, the President of ARCEP and the representative of the Minister of Economy, Finance and Recovery for the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding implementing the reform of the postal transport of the press.

This protocol is the result of the work of the missions entrusted by the Ministers in charge of Economy and Culture to Emmanuel Giannesini, Master Adviser at the Court of Auditors, in April and November 2020.

It is implementing an ambitious reform with strong financial support from the State over the period 2022-2026. The objectives of this reform are, on the one hand, to offer more freedom, quality and predictability to press publishers in terms of distribution to subscribers, but also to guarantee a public press distribution service at a preferential rate throughout the territory, while improving its economic balance.

This protocol thus offers unprecedented visibility to the entire industry, through the monitoring of the evolution of postal rates for all press families. It will also encourage titles to make greater use of porting networks, to reduce the use of direct mail for sending daily and weekly newspapers. For their part, the porting networks will have to ensure that their flows are open to all titles approved by the Joint Commission on Publications and News Agencies, an essential condition for the success of this reform. At the same time, this reform reinforces the public service mission entrusted to La Poste by law, while at the same time maintaining its economic balance.

The creation of a press distribution quality observatory, to be set up within ARCEP, is another step forward in this protocol.

The Minister of Culture would like to thank all the stakeholders for the quality of the exchanges that have made it possible to achieve this reform which will ensure and improve the access of all, throughout the territory, to plural and quality information.

This reform will not enter into force until it has been authorised by the European Commission, to which it has been notified.