While the crisis is hitting the perpetrators hard, Roselyne Bachelot-Narquin presented today, at a working meeting with the Prime Minister and organizations defending the interests of the authors, a programme of 15 first concrete measures which will improve the conditions of creation of authors.

Four measures will be implemented in the first half of 2021 and are geared towards safeguarding the creative fabric.

  • Action 1: Continue emergency economic support related to the Covid-19 crisis.

Authors will continue to be eligible for the State Solidarity Fund. Lthe emergency sector funds will be replenished by an additional €22 million, in order to support the most affected populations who do not have access to the State solidarity fund due in particular to the irregularity of their income.

  • Action 2: Better track authors within the Department through:
    • The deployment of the Authors' Delegation to Professional and Social Policies and employment policies, within the Direction Générale de la Création Artistique, by an order dated 31 December 2020.
    • The establishment within the Department of Prospective Studies and Statistics of the Ministry of Culture of a annual statistical observatory.
  • Measure 3: Ensure better access to existing social rights;

Areas for improvement to address the challenges of implementing the reform in the URSSAF network are identified, and the Ministries of Culture and Solidarity and Health are working to translate them into the field.

As regards sickness and maternity daily allowances, the regulations will be adapted so that the threshold for the opening of rights is temporarily lowered, during the duration of the crisis, to allow authors to benefit from these daily allowances.

  • Measure 4: Better take into account the diversity of authors' main and ancillary revenues through the implementation of the decree of 28 August 2020 on the nature of artist-author activities and revenues.

Eleven measures will be implemented by the end of the mandate and will permanently upgrade the role of authors in the various sectors to which they report:

  • Measure 5: Recompose the Board of Directors of the organization managing social security of artists-authors, through the appointment of its members by a survey of representativeness 
  • Measure 6: Assess how to set up a digital portal accessible to authors reminding them of the legal, social and tax rules applicable to them  
  • Measure 7: Improving aid schemes for authors in the various national centres
  • Measure 8: Clarify and simplify for the future the tax rules applicable to the different types of income received by authors
  • Measure 9: Support sui generis professional negotiations on the balance of the contractual relationship, particularly in the book, audiovisual and film sectors
  • Measure 10: Experiment with the introduction of a remuneration for comic book authors for creative acts carried out in connection with their participation in fairs and festivals
  • Action 11: Finalize ongoing work on the remuneration of artists' exhibition rights by museums and FRAC
  • Action 12: Improve the structuring, networking and visibility of writing residences across the country
  • Measure 13: Entrust to Professor Tristan Azzi a mission on the metadata of still images, in order to improve the digital identification of works, essential for successfully negotiating with platforms in the context of the transposition of the copyright directive
  • Action 14: Entrust to Laurence Franceschini a mission to finance the production and dissemination of photographic works
  • Action 15: Give IGAC a mission on the appropriateness and modalities of creating a visual arts mediator in the second half of 2021