The Government is fully mobilized to ensure the proper functioning of telecommunications networks essential for emergency and care services and the massive use of telework solutions, The European Union is also committed to the development of the European Union.

In this context, the Government, in conjunction with ARCEP (telecom regulator) and the main telecommunications operators, has initiated daily monitoring of networks and measures taken to ensure the stability and quality of voice communications and Internet access, for all uses.

If the current situation does not raise general concerns, the Government takes all necessary measures to ensure the proper functioning of the networks.

Thus, the Government called for responsible use of networks by all users to avoid congestion during peak hours, without depriving itself of access to its favorite content (access the video hereIn addition, the Government welcomes the responsible measures taken by the main providers of content, including videos, on the Internet.

The video content of these actors now accounts for almost half of the bandwidth usage.  This is why, in close coordination with the requests made by the European Commissioner for the Internal Market, Thierry Breton, the Government called in the middle of the week these main providers of video content to the responsibility so that they consider the appropriate measures to reduce the risks of saturation of the networks.

As a result of these contacts, several players, including Netflix, Youtube (Google) and AmazonPrime have committed to proactively implement technical measures to reduce overall bandwidth usage by at least 25% over a 30-day period, without of course questioning the access of their users to all the programs and content offered.

In addition, Disney has announced the postponement in France of the launch of its 15-day Disney+ service, that is to April 7, in order to take, in conjunction with the operators, the necessary measures to ensure that the launch of this new film platform, The European Commission has also made a number of proposals to improve the quality of the information society.

 “Simple gestures can allow everyone to continue to have good access to all video content,” said Franck Riester, Minister of Culture. “  “When you want to watch TV live, opt for reception via DTT and satellite if possible or, failing that, access via your operator’s “multi-service box”. For video-on-demand services or catch-up television, you can also use your operator’s multi-service box instead of accessing it directly on the Internet. With these easy-to-implement measures, we can collectively continue to benefit from the wealth of programs that play a vital role in our times.”

In this time of crisis, we welcome the important decisions taken by the largest content providers on the Internet to avoid any risk of saturation of telecommunications networks. In particular, I salute the sense of responsibility of Disney, which has decided to postpone the launch of its Disney+ video platform in France for 15 days,” said Cédric O.