In order to respond to the need for collective experiences, sharing and remobilization of knowledge after the difficult period experienced by our country, the Government mobilizes to offer children and families a cultural and learning summer.

The three major operations initiated in 2020 are renewed The Learning Holidays for all pupils, the Summer Districts for the inhabitants of the priority neighbourhoods of the city and the Cultural Summer to once again promote arts and culture in all the territories.


The Learning Holidays, which benefit from a dedicated budget of 120 million euros, aim to ensure the consolidation of learning and to contribute to the development of children through cultural, sports and leisure activities, supervised by teachers and actors of popular education. Learning Holidays is a global operation that brings together several devices, in order to adapt to the needs of all families:

  • The « Open schools », which benefit from €35 million, allow students in the CP to review their knowledge while taking advantage of various activities in partnership with associations, cultural and sports institutions. In this context, they will be able to go on excursions with their class for several days («École ouverte buissonnière») and make bike tours to discover their local heritage («Mon patrimoine à vélo»). Special attention will be paid to students in vocational schools so that they can have access to their workshops during the summer (“Summer of the Pro”);
  • The « success courses », increased to €45 million, are offered to students most in difficulty to consolidate basic knowledge, especially in French and mathematics, or fill gaps by working in small numbers;
  • The « Roommate learners » are also renewed to the tune of €40 million. Voluntary local authorities will be able to propose to children a departure in «Learning holiday camp» labeled by the State. These colonies will offer fun and educational activities that will allow children to strengthen knowledge and skills in the run-up to the next school year. The State will provide financial support to local authorities of 400 euros per young person per week. These settlements will also be open to all families who wish to register their children on a dedicated online platform.


After deploying Quartiers Solidaires Jeunes, a programme of support for youth-oriented associations and endowed with 10 million euros, the Ministry of the City renews the operation Quartiers d'été with a budget of 40 million euros, up on the previous year.

Quartiers d'été 2021 is a strong action of the Ministry of the City to make summer a time of breath, entertainment, discovery and learning for all residents of priority neighbourhoods of the city, by proposing activities in feet of buildings, within or outside the neighbourhood.

Widely acclaimed by local authorities and partner associations, this operation benefited 600,000 young people in 2020, nearly one young person in three neighbourhoods.

This national operation will thus be deployed in the 514 priority neighbourhoods of the policy of the city to offer the 5.4 million inhabitants who live there fun and discovery activities, with particular attention to projects that will promote inter-neighbourhood encounters as well as the place of girls and women in the public space.


The Ministry of Culture is mobilizing again to allow all Frenchman and to the tourists to establish or renew the link with a cultural offer no longer immaterial but physical and provoke the encounter with works and artists, this in multiple formats.

Operation “Cultural Summer 2021” is the subject of significant support from the Ministry of €20 million to develop, in all the regions of France metropolitan and ultramarine, events in all cultural fields mobilizing artists and cultural professionals and allowing the inhabitants, especially the most remote and fragile, participate in workshops, meetings, shows, tours, etc.

This operation will allow a very large number of children and youth to participate in a cultural event or project. Special attention will be paid to young artists recently graduated from schools of higher education culture In addition to measures to support integration, the aim will be to encourage their participation in all projects (for example, young plastic artists for the "transat" residencies of the Médicis workshops or those piloted by the FRAC, young musicians or performers for residencies organized in QPV by the Francofolies, or a specific partnership with the young national theatre with heritage operators – including the 100 CMN monuments). It will also allow a support to the current music sector on the theme : ' Music everywhere in France this summer », in connection with professional federations of the sector and current music scenes.

In partnership with local and regional authorities, the cultural summer will spread widely across all territories and will give an important dimension to the attractiveness of the territories and to local tourism.