I would first like to reiterate my total rejection of Charles Maurras' theses and commitment. There is absolutely no ambiguity in my position.
The controversy surrounding the «Book of National Commemorations» is not the first since in 2011, the Ministry of Culture decided to rename the "Collection of National Celebrations" in the "Book of National Commemorations" following the uproar of the "celebration of Louis-Ferdinand Céline".

This decision marked the desire not to limit this identification work by the High Committee of National Commemorations to the only hours of glory to be celebrated but also to the dark hours of French history.

We see today that ambiguity persists. That commemoration can be lived as a call to celebrate together on behalf of the nation. This leads to misunderstandings that are likely to divide French society.

We must remove this ambiguity.

I will very soon receive the members of the High Committee chaired by Mrs.Danielle Sallenave in order to question, together, the relevance of this memorial approach conducted on behalf of the State by experts.

I also asked the director of the publication of the "Book of National Commemorations 2018" to recall the book and to launch its reprint after removing the reference to Maurras.

The work and expertise of the members of the High Committee is obviously not at issue.