On the proposal of Franck Riester, Minister of Culture, the President of the Republic appointed, for a second term, Serge Lasvignes as President of the Centre national d'art et de culture Georges Pompidou. Franck Riester would like to welcome the results of Serge Lasvignes at the head of the Centre Pompidou and welcomes his reappointment.

Appointed to head the Centre Pompidou in 2015, Serge Lasvignes first set out to develop the Centre Pompidou internationally, leading in particular to the opening in autumn 2019 of the Centre Pompidou West Bund Museum in Shanghai. This project, based on the presentation in this new place of the collections of the national museum of modern art, completes the successful establishment, and renewed under the mandate of Serge Lasvignes, of the Centre Pompidou in Malaga. In line with this strategy, the Kanal-Centre Pompidou project should make it possible to create another location for the Centre abroad, in this case in Brussels.

At the same time, arts and cultural education and the opening of the Centre Pompidou to all audiences throughout the territory has been at the heart of the action undertaken over the past five years. The Centre Pompidou has thus strongly strengthened its actions towards young audiences, with for example the opening in 2019 of the «Mille formes» centre created with the city of Clermont-Ferrand and dedicated to children aged 0 to 6. Professional audiences were not forgotten, with the launch of the «Pro School» initiative, an innovative model for renewing the link between museums and businesses. The Centre Pompidou Metz has also contributed to this increased presence in the territories, with a diverse audience.

The mandate of Serge Lasvignes has also enabled the launch of several structuring projects for the Centre Pompidou: on the one hand, that of the Centre de Réserves in Massy-Palaiseau, fruit of a partnership between the State, the Centre and the communities of Ile-de France, in the service of the conservation of the exceptional collections of the National Museum of Modern Art, while allowing the development of new activities for the dissemination of these collections in the Ile-de-France; on the other hand, the launch of upgrades to the centre’s equipment and the modernization of the “chenille” (the exterior escalator emblematic of the Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers building).

Since 2015, the Centre Pompidou has finally been able to reinforce the interdisciplinary nature of its programming, both through its temporary exhibitions – as demonstrated by the success of the exhibition “Prehistory” or the great retrospectives devoted to Cubism or Caesar – only through his artistic, cinematographic and cultural programming, giving pride of place to social debates and openness to the world.