The Ministry of Culture welcomes the initiative of the French Confederation for the Social Promotion of the Blind and Amblyopes (CFPSAA) which, for the second consecutive year, celebrated the cinema with the presentation of the Marius of the best audiodescription awarded to the film Pupille on February 19, 2019 at the National Center of Cinema and Animated Image (CNC), in the presence of the General Directorate of Media and Cultural Industries (DGMIC).

A jury composed mainly of visually impaired people selected the Marius of the best audiodescription from the list of 7 films nominated by the Academy of Caesar.

This award distinguishes the work of audiodescription which will have enabled people with and without vision to better appreciate the content of the work in question.

Just as the César was created to reward a cinematic work, highlighting the quality of the script, the acting and the atmosphere that emerges, the Marius is a trophy that distinguishes the best audiodescription of a film.
The audiodescription, by proposing a vocal description to an image that makes sense, while ensuring to respect the intention of the director, makes the cinema accessible to the disabled and blind. It allows them to appreciate and form an opinion on cinematographic works, and thus to take part in cultural exchanges.

A person with or without vision is also a spectator, sensitive to a cinematographic work. She sees cinema differently, listens to the images to follow a film and, like everyone else, likes it or not.

The very idea of Marius was born from the desire to allow the sharing of opinions, emotions, impressions born of a film, among all audiences.

This initiative has created a strong interest among both the visually impaired and visually impaired spectators as well as professionals of the audiodescription. This is why the French Confederation for the Social Promotion of the Blind and Amblyopes (CFPSAA) wished to renew the event after the first edition.

Together with the relevant associations, first of all the CFPSAA, the Ministry of Culture is fully committed to encouraging and promoting initiatives aimed at improving the accessibility of cinematographic works.


Marius 2019: Pupille, directed by Jeanne Herry and audiodécrit by Dune Cherville.