Inaugurated by the Minister of Culture, this ambitious architectural achievement, consisting of a library, a research centre and places of life, is carried by the École du Louvre and made possible thanks to the exceptional patronage of Majid Boustany, President of the Francis Bacon MB Art Foundation. This is the largest private support ever allocated to a Ministry of Culture educational institution.

The Louvre School is a privileged place for teaching art history and museum studies. Its community of nearly 80 PhD students is booming and poses new challenges to the institution. While the School benefits from exceptional premises, built in 1998 under the direction of Antoine Stinco as part of the Grand Louvre project, new major developments were already in the works. The project LOUVRE SCHOOL 2021-2022 was then naturally formed to propose a complex of contemporary study and research at the heart of the School and its pedagogy.

This architectural project of nearly 1300m2 designed by architect Heleen Hart (architecture agency HBAAT – Grand Prix du Jury d'Architecture 2021), meets needs related to the growth of the School itself, to the pedagogical evolutions and the transformations of student practices.

It reconfigures the establishment through the rehabilitation and creation of new spaces within the Louvre Palace itself:

  • A renovated library with redesigned consultation practices
  • The creation of a research centre for doctoral students at the School
  • Refurbishment of the cafeteria and computer and document services.

In 2016, Majid Boustany established his first partnership with the École du Louvre, through the creation of a research grant on the painter Francis Bacon. Continuing his philanthropic approach, Majid Boustany wanted to amplify his commitment by funding this bold program, which offers the school an additional strategic asset for its national and international reach. To this exceptional patronage is added the gift of two sculptures by Antony Gormley and the easel of Francis Bacon that will take place within the library and its vestibule.

To learn more: the press kit of the inauguration of the new spaces of the École du Louvre.