The curtain has fallen on Philippe Tesson, the theatre press boss whose grandiose intuitions have permeated with panache the media landscape and the cultural world of the last sixty years.

Deeply marked by war during his adolescence, Philippe Tesson will retain as cardinal value its freedom: against the prison, where his father was, against the received ideas that lock us up and against the inertia that stifles us. Passionate about ideas, he quickly understood how to prefer the power of words to the executive and, after a thesis, moved towards journalism that he would never leave.

 For more than fifteen years, Philippe Tesson was the newspaper’s biting editor Fighting, where it forms its taste for clear opinions and its attachment to the daily format. A budding press boss, he founded with Marie-Claude, his wife, the Doctor’s daily before turning it from one profession to another… to create the iconic Paris daily.

In the middle of the tobacco volutes, his team of sharp feathers will comment on the life of ideas and the political scene of the years 1970-1980 in a corrosive and jubilant style. Passionate about the theatre of which he knows every page, he keeps in parallel for sixty years theatrical chronicles to Fighting, in theExpress, for The Chained Duck then in the pages of the Figaro Magazine, and made, in recent years, one step closer to the 6e art by purchasing the Pocket theatre in Montparnasse and the specialized bookshop The Paper cutter.

A man of debate and an incomparable analyst of the cultural world, Philippe Tesson has been tireless throughout his career to awaken the columns of the written press and electrify the stages. Des Literary short stories to the television magazine Ah! What titles” through «Masque et la Plume», he is both the critic, the guest and the host of a thousand brilliant pieces where he plays all the roles.

With his piercing blue look and his removed style, he was for all a voice known, mischievous and pungent, that never left indifferent and that will continue, for a long time, to inspire us.

I extend my deepest condolences to his family, his children Sylvain, Stéphanie and Daphné, and his loved ones.