Grace was the middle name of the dancer Michaël Denard, whose disappearance leaves the Paris Opera orphan, who now loses one of its brightest stars.

The journey of this young prodigy begins in Tarbes where he discovers at 18 the magic of choreographed movements. Engaged in 1963 in the ballet corps of the Capitole of Toulouse and in 1964 in that of the Opéra de Nancy, he already dazzled his comrades by the brilliance of his talent.

His meteoric rise continued in Paris, where he made his first steps at the age of 21 by taking the lessons of Solange Golovine, before a first appearance on the Parisian stage with the European ballets of Lorca Messine. It was there that Pierre Lacotte spotted him and discovered the raw genius of the man who would join the Opéra national de Paris the following year as a supernumerary before climbing all the ranks. Coryphea in 1967, a subject in 1968 and first dancer in 1969, he left his stamp on the entire troupe of the Grande Boutique each year. So, captivated by this dancer who makes hearts twirl, Maurice Béjart creates for him The bird of fire. This role that was for him as a second skin will make him pass from solar dancer and refined to undisputed prince of choreographic art on the main French and international stages.

The consecration is not far away. She arrived in 1971 when he learned of his star appointment from New York, very quickly after joining the company. Throughout his years at the Opera, he danced for major choreographers such as Balanchine, Ailey and Grigorovitch and cheered the audience every time. Companion of the greatest, he participates in the adventure of La Sylphide where he formed with Ghilsaine Thelmar an iconic stage couple from the Palais Garnier and beyond. And, if he says goodbye as a dancer at the Paris Opera in 1989, he will return to his home later as a ballet master and will be eager to pass on his art.

From one stage to another, Michaël Denard was for years a remarkable performer of the main choreographers of the 20the century such as Roland Petit, Carolyn Carlson, Georges Balanchine, Merce Cunningham or Luncinda Childs, while working regularly with young choreographers. So many interpretations testimonies of a dancer who has never ceased to offer moments of beauty to the public, and giving all the density of his talent to characters of character such as his inexpressible Mother Simone in The girl with the wrong guard. Passionate about theatre, he also goes on stage for playing An ideal husband by Oscar Wilde in a production by Adrian Brine. An essential figure for the late 20the Michaël Denard was an elegant dancer with a flamboyant stage presence whose memory continues to animate all lovers of dance with emotion.

I extend my deepest condolences to his family and loved ones.