The Ministry of Culture launched in 2021 the call for projects «support to the Creative Cultural Districts (QCC)», €3 million over two years under the Culture strand of France Relance.

This system has two objectives: accompany third-party premises in incubating their residents promoting their professionalization and the structuring of their company or activity; on the other hand, develop cultural businesseswhether they are permanent or ephemeral (bookshops, record stores, press houses, art galleries, designer boutiques: fashion, design, crafts).

In order to propose projects capable of finding their economic viability in the long term, the QCC must bring together three types of activities within or near the third place:

  • Support dedicated to the structuring of companies or activities of cultural actors (entrepreneurs, artisans, self-employed and artists) through programs such as business incubators, incubators, accelerators, business hotels, and co-working ;
  • Support for the establishment or development of independent cultural businesses, through measures to support the establishment of these businesses, the sharing of management tools, communication and financing of cultural businesses, or the creation of event operations;
  • The reception of the public and the development of the use of the placearound temporary exhibitions, cultural events, contributions to initial and continuing training (art schools, specialized and higher education, training centres, trades and qualifications campus).

8 winners of the call for projects were nominated at the end of the third and final evaluation session:

  • AGORA GUIERS, Pont de Beauvoisin (73) - Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

“AGORA Guiers” is a third-party venue with a training structure and a collaborative workspace dedicated to cultural entrepreneurs. A program of shows, concerts, conferences, Micro-Folie and film screenings is also offered. Workspaces, support for the structuring of a business, as well as an exhibition-sales space will be offered to artisans of art of the territory.

  • NEW FACTORY, Angoulême (16) - Nouvelle-Aquitaine

The «New Factory» is a third-place project dedicated to images and comics. A business incubator will be opened, with a space dedicated to young creators, collectives and entrepreneurs, and will offer technical support and training. Sales outlets and professional meetings will be set up for all book stakeholders. Finally, the general public will be welcomed for exhibitions, meetings with authors, cultural activities and performances.

  • PUBLIC STATUS, Roubaix (59) - Hauts-de-France

The «Condition Publique» is responsible for the animation and management of the former wool packaging warehouse in Roubaix, transformed in 2004 into a cultural factory. With 30 occupants (artists, associations, independents, businesses, activity cooperatives), the third place develops a shop allowing the valorization and marketing of the work of its community of actors and artists and artisans of its territory. It also accompanies cultural project leaders in the framework of a professionalization course, alternating individual meetings, collective workshops, and networking spaces

  • LA FABRICA SPECTACLES – 360 MUSIC FACTORY, Paris (75) - Ile-de-France

The “360” is a hub of companies and cultural associations that propose to build a new building entirely dedicated to music, from creation to broadcasting, production, rehearsal and recording. The project includes a incubator of cultural start-ups committed to the digital transition, benefiting from a workplace and support in experimentation, labelling and dissemination. A concert hall, a studio and a restaurant allow the reception of the public. To this are added a sales space of records and vinyl artists who perform in the place, as well as ephemeral shops.

  • LA FABULERIE, Marseille (13) - Provence-Alpes Côte d'Azur

Fabulerie develops pioneering experiments and actions in the fields of cultural entrepreneurship, heritage development and digital creation. It proposes a pre-incubation programme for cultural project promoters, as well as accompanying measures for the appropriation of digital tools or the reduction of the environmental footprint. The “Fabulerie” also supports cultural businesses in their event projects and in the promotion of their activity. The offer of the third place is completed by a «fablab», a cultural program, and a reading area.

  • MAISON COMMUNE, Château-Arnoux Saint-Auban (04) - Provence-Alpes Côte d'Azur

«Maison Commune» is a third-place run by a collective of local actors on the Durance-Provence carrefour. It has shared workspaces, rehearsal and representation, and includes a cultural project incubator. Training courses, or administrative and accounting support are also open to cultural businesses. The venue will also open a press booth and pop-up cultural shops. The activity of the third place is completed by an artistic program (exhibitions, shows, street arts festival), as well as a self-managed library.

  • MAKE ICI - ICI WASQUEHAL, Wasquehal (59) - Hauts-de-France

«ICI Wasquehal» is the 4th manufacture of «MAKE ICI», the first network of collaborative and supportive manufacturers for artisans, artists, designers, people in training or professional retraining, startups and entrepreneurs. The third place offers support, workshops and workspaces with access to professional tools, in addition to marketing solutions. It also hosts cultural events and many trainings open to the general public.

  • ST SO IMMO / BAZAAR, Lille (59) - Hauts-de-France

As part of the urban rehabilitation project of the Saint Sauveur district, the city of Lille has set up a third-place dedicated to the creative economy. It offers a work-sharing space free and open to all, but also professional meetings, trainings dedicated to residents and project leaders. A pop-up shop and creative markets allow the support of cultural businesses. Exhibitions, as well as a live performance program in partnership with the Scène Nationale «la Rose des Vents», complete the project.

Built around 3 selection waves (two in 2021, one in 2022), the Ministry of Culture supported through this call for projects 31 third cultural places, spread over the entire territory (including three overseas projects) for a total of €3 million. The scheme will have made it possible to accompany the emergence of new projects, as well as to consolidate existing and well established structures, in all types of territories (metropolises, small and medium-sized cities, rural territories). The full list of winners is attached.