Frédérique Vidal, Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation and Franck Riester, Minister of Culture, were shocked to learn that The Suppliants, a play by Eschyle directed by Philippe Brunet, director of the ancient theatre company Démodocos, could not be performed in the Sorbonne on Monday, March 25. A small group of hostile individuals, claiming to fight against the supposed «racialism» of the production, physically prevented the actors from entering to prepare, while the audience itself was kept out.


As the President of the University recalls, this play features the Argian Greeks and Danaids, daughters of Danaos from Egypt, interpreted, faithfully to ancient theatrical practices, respectively by actresses and actors wearing white masks and black masks as used at the time.


Ministers strongly condemn this unprecedented attack on freedom of expression and creation in the university space, which is contrary to all academic values and republican principles. They also point out that the charges brought against this room by this disruptive group are incomprehensible: The Suppliants is a work that carries in its heart the notion of overcoming conflicts. By preventing this play from being played in the name of militant ideology, these troublemakers are playing the game of discrimination and exclusion that they claim to be fighting. 


The Ministers send their full support to the University, to the director of this play, as well as to the actors and all those who participated in the organization of this play. In agreement with the director, they wanted a new representation of the Suppliants may take place in the coming weeks. At their request, it will be accepted in the privileged setting of the great amphitheatre of the Sorbonne, where it will take place in the best conditions.