As part of its missions to coordinate the government’s language policy, the Ministry of Culture has developed a new Report to Parliament on the French Language.

The purpose of this reference document is to inform the national representation on public policies in favour of both the French language and plurilingualism. It also aims to stimulate new mobilizations in favour of these, the presence of French and other languages in society under collective responsibility. It also aims to make as many people as possible aware of the importance of the common good that is our language.  

This new edition presents a faithful and vivid portrait of the situation of the French language in France and the world. Analyses, statistics, key figures, interviews and expert testimonies shed light on the major issues of our time: the language of the Republic and the legal framework at the service of the citizen, the mastery of the language as a pillar of social cohesion, innovation and language technologies for our digital sovereignty, the richness of our regional languages, and the promotion of French and La Francophonie in dialogue with other languages in Europe and around the world.  

To download the Report to Parliament on the French Language 2023, please click here