The Ministry of Culture publishes the list of titles and the main groups and press companies that received direct and indirect aid in 2018 and 2019.

Because of the health situation, the conference of publishers, which brings together the Minister of Culture and the main representatives of the sector every year, had to be postponed. In exceptional cases, these lists were not published following this meeting.

 The various aids presented are as follows:

- Direct aid (aid for pluralism, aid for carrying, aid for investment);

- Aid to the sector, received by securities but then returned to a courier (aid for the distribution of the national daily press);

- Aid for social modernisation (benefiting former employees of the securities concerned).

In 2018, 398 titles benefited from these various grants. There were 411 in 2019.

As a reminder, since 2016, aids are presented in two formats. State support for the press is presented both by headlines and by major groups and supported press companies.

The tables are now available in open data on the site and will be available tomorrow at

The 2020 data will be published in the coming months.