The Ministry of Culture is working on a project to reform the regulation of the audiovisual sector based on three axes: the transformation of public broadcasting, the modernisation of audiovisual regulation in the digital age and the adaptation of regulations to combat asymmetries between national actors and groups outside Europe.


Within this framework, and more particularly with regard to this third priority, the Directorate-General for Media and Cultural Industries (DGMIC) opens a public consultation aimed at gathering the comments of the actors concerned on possible relaxation of the rules for the distribution of cinematographic works on television services, as they result from Decree No. 90-66 of 17 January 1990 “distribution order”.


A relaxation of this regime would first of all make it possible to take account of the public interest by improving access to free cinematographic works when they are broadcast on free channels and, more generally, by offering him a wider choice when he does not necessarily have access to movie theatres and pay television or video on demand offers.


It would then make it possible to respond to criticism based on a finding of obsolescence of these provisions while the delinearised consultation of works is freed from any time constraint, and rebalancing regulatory conditions between traditional and new media players.


If these flexibilities were to lead to a complete abolition of the cinema grid and the broadcasting ceilings provided for in the «broadcasting decree», an amendment to the law of 30 September 1986, which requires the enactment of such rules, could then be undertaken as part of the audiovisual bill.


Responses to the consultation must be submitted by May 31, 2019, by mail or electronically to:


Mr Director-General for Media and Cultural Industries

Ministry of Culture

Public consultation on flexibility rules for the broadcast of cinematographic works on television services

182 Saint-Honoré Street

75033 Paris Cedex 01