The proposed law on the creation of the National Music Centre was unanimously adopted on Monday, May 6. Following the presentation of the report by Emilie Cariou and Pascal Bois to the Prime Minister, the Government had indicated its wish to see the creation of such a centre from 1 Januaryer january 2020.

Franck Riester welcomes this parliamentary initiative which is a decisive step for the effective establishment of the National Music Centre.

« The National Music Centre project has long been near and dear to my heart. You can really count on me to put all my energy and all my will at the service of its realization. I am at your side to defend the diversity of musical creation, which is so dear to us. This project represents a new impetus for the music industry. This bill offers new guarantees for its players » said Franck Riester at the National Assembly.

The Minister wishes in particular to commend the work of MP Pascal Bois, author and rapporteur of the bill, as well as that of all the members of the Committee on Cultural Affairs, Under the chairmanship of Bruno Studer, this bill, which defines the status of the National Music Centre - an industrial and commercial public institution - and the general tasks it will be entrusted with.

The Centre will provide support to the entire professional music sector; the creation, production, publishing, promotion of the distribution and dissemination of music in all its forms and to all audiences, at national level and within the territories. It will also manage an observatory of the economy of the music sector and provide an information and guidance service for the sector ”, the minister said.

Preparatory work is currently being carried out in consultation with all stakeholders in the sector, under the chairmanship of Catherine Ruggeri, Inspector General for Cultural Affairs.

Music is the first cultural practice of the French. It is also a democratic art par excellence, as well as a powerful lever for emancipation. It is also one of the country’s main cultural industries. Creating the National Music Centre means having a tool that meets the challenges of this strategic sector for our fellow citizens, for cultural diversity and for our economy.” added Franck Riester.