The Ministry of Culture participated in the presentation of the prize of the seventh edition of the festival museums (em)portable on January 24, at SITEM - Exhibition of equipment and valorization of museums, places of culture and tourism.

This prize, organised by Museumexperts, invites visitors to museums and monuments to make a three-minute film with their mobile phone, with the aim of transcribing their visit experience.

This year, the Ministry of Culture has joined the list by awarding three films made by young visitors.

The 65 films in competition reflected the diversity of perspectives on heritage places and the inventiveness of mobile filming practices. With humour, poetry and a sense of the game, they reflect the imaginations and practices of young people in museums, drawing their museums of the XXIth century.

The first prize of the Ministry of Culture was awarded to the film «GTA (Grand Tryptique Action)» made in the Cathedral of Moulins by the students of the IUT Technique de commercialisation de Moulins, under the guidance of their teacher of expression and communication.

The second prize was awarded ex æquo to «Musette», a film made at the Millau and Grandes Causses Museum by a high school student from Lycée St Paul in Lille, and to «Les époux Van der Aa», made at the Sandelin Hotel Museum in Saint-LaurentOmer by the students of CAP Agent de Propreté et d'Hygiène du Lycée du Pays de Saint-Omer. These two films were made in collaboration with the Master Expographie Muséographie (MEM) of the University of Artois.

The award ceremony was the occasion for an exchange between all the young participants of the festival and was extended for some of them by a visit to the Louvre.

The complete list can be found on the website of the Ministry of Culture