In order to perpetuate the distribution of the press, mainly provided by the Presstalis group, the Government wanted to undertake a broad reform of the sector.

Due to the significant drop in volumes recorded in recent years, the distribution of the press sold to the issue is encountering serious difficulties. In order to accompany the transformation of this mode of distribution essential for the pluralism of the press and ideas, the Government wanted a broad reform of the sector to be undertaken.

At the request of the press publishers, and in view of the malfunctions observed, the Government entrusted an interdepartmental mission in October to Mr. Gérard Rameix, Master Adviser at the Court of Auditors and former President of the Autorité des marchés financiers. The conclusions of his reflections were presented at the beginning of January and confirmed the deteriorating situation of Presstalis messaging, and the risk weighing on all stakeholders in the sector.

Aimed at limiting this risk and thus ensuring the sustainability of Presstalis, which distributes nearly 75% of the volumes sold at the issue, discussions between the courier, the publishers' cooperatives and the State are in the process of conciliation to allow the courier to face the difficulties it is going through.

Proposals will also be formulated in the coming weeks to initiate a necessary reform of the Bichet law, in order to restore the conditions of equilibrium of the sector. Consultations will be conducted quickly in this regard.