Rima Abdul Malak, Minister of Culture, in agreement with Arnaud Robinet, Mayor of Reims, and Jean Rottner, President of the Grand East Region, gives his approval to the candidacy of Philippe Gordiani for the leadership of Césaré CNCM of Bétheny. His appointment, assured by Fabrice Thuriot, President of Caesarea will intervene in the coming weeks.

A protean artist, Philippe Gordiani is a musician (guitarist, producer of electronic and electroacoustic music, improviser). He is also a composer (for theatre, dance, digital arts). With great musical freedom, but also with a view to openness and a continuous quest for multidisciplinary artistic experiences, he never ceases to renew his artistic repertoire and expand the field of his creation. Alone, or with various companies, he has been working for more than 15 years on various artistic axes ranging from the development of a new language in electronic music to a collaborative investment in the field of digital arts and performing arts. He founded his own company, Pygmophone, in 2015.

Philippe Gordiani proposes for Césaré a project that explores the notion of space, the space of sounds, their movements, but also spaces for listening, performances and concerts, with a careful look at environmental issues and the participation of the inhabitants. Capital, the relationship to sound is considered in him as the essence of musical language, and sound spatialization as a writing in itself. It also proposes the development of delegated productions and wants programming that works at the crossroads of audiences, with respect for diversity and equality.

Philippe Gordiani will succeed Philippe Le Goff, whose minister wishes to commend the quality of the work and the involvement in the management of this institution. During his 11 years at the head of the institution, Philippe Le Goff has developed and implemented a project whose missions in favour of musical creation, production and support for artists, has contributed to the emergence of original works, the strengthening of territorial, national and cross-border cooperation and the influence of Caesarea.