The next European Heritage Days will be held on 21 and 22 September 2019 around the European theme Arts and Entertainment Heritage comes in many forms. It can be civil, religious, memorial, hospital, judicial, school, military, urban, rural, industrial, natural… For the 36e The European Heritage Days, the Ministry of Culture will offer the 12 million visitors who take part in the event every year to discover or rediscover a new facet of heritage, that of entertainment.

From the ancient theatres and the Roman amphitheatres to the theatres and venues present throughout the territory, dedicated to theatrical, lyrical, musical, cinematographic, dance or circus arts. through their buildings, performative practices and contemporary uses, the performing arts are a living heritageto be seen and reviewed in a new light. These Days will also highlight the festive practices (fairs, carnivals, processions, parades, etc.), as well as traditional games and the physical practices, hosted by racetracks, swimming pools, stadiums and sports ensembles in particular: a whole intangible cultural heritage of an extraordinary variety, preserved and transmitted today.

As in 2018, the event will expand on Friday, September 20 across the country to promote access to school heritage.

The European Heritage Days are organised by the Ministry of Culture. Placed under the patronage of the Council of Europe and the European Commission, they receive assistance from public and private owners of historic monuments. They benefit from the involvement of the National Monuments Centre, the network of Cities and Countries of Art and History, the Heritage Foundation, the National Federation of CAUE and heritage conservation associations present since the very first edition: the Old French Houses and the Historic House. They are supported by Lidl, Crédit Agricole, the Michelin Corporate Foundation, RATP, ANCV, Journée du transport public, Radio France, France Télévisions and PhenixDigital. For the second year, they are also joining forces with the Stéphane Bern Mission and the Française des Jeux.

The programme of the European Heritage Days 2019 will be available online from June on: