On an initiative of the Ministry of Culture, and following the call for applications on the theme «Flux, une société en mouvement» launched on June 12, by the National Centre of Plastic Arts (CNAP) in partnership with the CRP/ Centre régional de la photographie Hauts-de France and Diaphane, a photographic hub in Hauts-de-France, over 250 applications were received.


 The jury selected the projects of fifteen photographers:


Lionel BAYOL-THEMINES, Aglaé BORY, Bruno BOUDJELAL, Guillaume CHAMAHIAN & Julien LOMBARDI, Margaret DEARING, Mathieu FARCY, Nicolas FLOC'H, Samuel GRATACAP, Eric GUGLIELMI, Ilanit ILLOUZ, Marine LANIER, Florent MENG, Florence PARADEIS, Sarah RITTER, Hortense SOICHET


The jury salutes the quality and uniqueness of the selected artists. The national photographic commission is an indispensable device that allows support to the creation but also to contemporary works to integrate by this procedure the national collections.

The artists will work on the commission in 2019. All of the projects produced in this framework will be presented in autumn 2020 at the Photaumnales de Beauvais festival carried by Diaphane pôle photographique in Hauts-de-France and a selection of works at the CRP/ Centre régional de la photographie Hauts-de-France in March 2020. An edition will be published for both exhibitions.

The works will join the public collection of the National Contemporary Art Fund, managed by the National Centre for Visual Arts.


Learn more about the photographers and the projects selected: http://www.cnap.en/national-commande-photographic-commande-laureates%C2%AB-flux-une-societe-en-mouvement-%C2%BB-2018