Franck Riester, Minister of Culture, launches the fourth edition of the National Days of Architecture to be held on October 18, 19 and 20, 2019.

Architecture is an art of everyday life that draws and transforms our housing and our transport, our places of culture, our public and sports facilities. For a weekend in October, the National Days of Architecture offer the French the opportunity to discover or rediscover all the dimensions of this creative discipline.



« There is no contradiction between creation and heritage conservation. Quite the contrary. Thinking about transformation and adaptation also means taking advantage of existing resources, both technical and cultural, in a quest to reduce the ecological footprint of human activities. From a cultural as well as an environmental point of view, it means gradually moving away from the logic of disposable to recyclable and repairable. These interventions today can be discreet or, on the contrary, assertive. In any case, they dialogue with what already exists. » Franck Riester

For three days, the National Days of Architecture, coordinated in the regions by the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs, brought together many actors from the field*, public and private, engaged in the culture and politics of the city around the issues of contemporary architecture. This year, the focus is on architectural projects that forge links between contemporary creation and built heritage, that enhance existing assets and create dialogue between the successive contributions of generations. 


Throughout France, thanks to the support of the Regional Cultural Affairs Departments and all regional stakeholders, the Journées nationales de l'architecture highlight the richness and diversity of French architectural heritage. To highlight this plurality, the posters of the National Days of Architecture are available this year in 17 versions - one per region and territorial authority.



For this fourth edition, the National Council of the Order of Architects renews its partnership with the National Days of Architecture. Together, the architects of France will meet the general public and awaken the curiosity of everyone for architectural practice.


Another partner, and for the first time this year: the editions À Vivre. The 3e and 4e Saturdays and Sundays in June, on the occasion of the Days of Architecture À Vivre, architects and builders open the doors of the apartments or houses they have imagined together. This year, the event will exceptionally be repeated on Saturday, October 19 as part of the National Days of Architecture.



In order to promote access to quality arts and cultural education, the Minister of Culture and the Minister of National Education and Youth launch the “Raise your eyes!” , a day outside the walls where students accompanied by their teachers go to discover heritage sites to learn to read architecture, to decipher the landscape, to decipher the city and the countryside.

French heritage includes more than 44,000 historic monuments that rub shoulders with the heritage of tomorrow: contemporary architecture. Together, they are all possible discoveries anchored in the daily life of all students.


The operation « Look up, look up! » will take place, in the school setting, the day before the European Heritage Days (20 September 2019) and the day before the National Days of Architecture (18 October 2019).



Find today on practical information about the event and from 29 July the news of the programming.


* The National Days of Architecture are supported by national and territorial cultural actors: the City of Architecture and Heritage, the National Council of the Order of Architects, the Regional Councils of the Order of Architects, the National Higher Schools of Architecture, the National Federation of Architectural, Urban and Environmental Councils, the Houses of Architecture, the Cities and Countries of Art and History.

The Journées nationales de l'architecture are also supported by France Télévisions, 20 minutes, Phoenix Stories, the Mutuelle des architectes français assurance and the Caisse des Dépôts.