The Françoise Demulder Prize, created by the Ministry of Culture in partnership with the international photojournalism festival Visa pour l'Image-Perpignan, values the careers of women press photographers by dedicating each year two of them for the quality and uniqueness of their project.

The 2022 edition rewards Nanna Heitmann and Adrienne Surprenant.

Nanna Heitmann (born 1994) for her report War is peace on the indoctrination of the Russian population by its leaders in the conflict with Ukraine. A German-Russian photographer represented by Magnum Photos, Nanna Heitmann lives between Germany and Russia. She has been covering Russia’s current affairs for several years but is more broadly interested in the issue of isolation – social, political, physical. His work is published regularly in the press: National Geographic, Time Magazine, M Le Monde

Adrienne Surprenant (born 1992) for his project on the impacts of climate change in Tunisia. Canadian photographer based in France, Adrienne Surprenant is a member of the MYOP Agency. She develops long-term topics, especially in Africa, around issues of identity, mental health, human rights and the environment, reflecting the raw reality of the world. His work has been published in numerous international media, including the Washington Post, Time, The Guardian or The Diplomatic World.

The projects of the winners were selected by a jury composed of professionals of the image. Each production grant is endowed with 8000€. The images will be presented at the next edition of the festival Visa for the Image - Perpignan (2-17 September 2023).

In 2022, the Ministry of Culture Production Grant for Women Photojournalists became the Françoise Demulder Award, in honour of the first woman press photographer to receive the prestigious World Press Photo Award in 1976, who died in 2008.

Since 2020, this device promotes the emergence of young female talent by rewarding two female photojournalists each year in recognition of their contribution to the profession.

This award is part of the proactive policy of the Ministry of Culture in favour of the place of women in the photography sector, for which actions have been carried out for several years.


The jury of the 2022 Françoise Demulder Prize gathered :

  • Sandrine Ayrole, in charge of photographic creation, Department of Photography, DGCA, Ministry of Culture
  • Martina Bacigalupo, Director of Photography, Revue 6 months
  • Marie-Sylvie Desmaret, head of the photo department, Le Figaro Magazine
  • Nicolas Jimenez,director of photography, Le Monde
  • Béatrice Tupin, director of the festival Women are exposed, Houlgate


Winners of previous editions :


  • 2020 : Chloe Sharrock, Nicole Tung
  • 2021 : Darcy Padilla, Axelle de Russé


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