Franck Riester, Minister of Culture, presents this Tuesday, June 11, the list of 103 projects 2019 of the Heritage in Danger Mission entrusted to Stéphane Bern by the President of the Republic.


This presentation will take place in the presence of Stéphane Bern, Guillaume Poitrinal, President of the Fondation du patrimoine, Stéphane Pallez, President and CEO of the Française des jeux, and Jacques de Peretti, President and CEO of Axa France.


The selection, among the 3,500 projects reported by the general public since 2018, is characterized by its great diversity - all types of heritage are represented: religious, industrial and technical buildings, houses, castles, artists' houses, libraries, mills, gardens, etc. - and its harmonious distribution throughout the territory of metropolitan France (one building per department) and overseas communities, in urban spaces as well as in rural areas.


It also has a greater balance between protected and unprotected buildings under historic monuments than last year.


With the 18 iconic sites announced last March, these 103 new sites are the second edition of the Mission Patrimoine en Péril, which will benefit from the State’s share of the Heritage Lotto funds.


As of June 15, the Heritage Super Loto will be on sale for €3 with an exceptional draw on July 14, and from September 2 two offers of €3 and €15 scratch tickets will be offered.


The Minister of Culture underlines the importance of this participatory and incentive mechanism that allows everyone to contribute to the safeguarding of the national heritage. It is a unique opportunity to express its interest in the national history and, more singularly, that of our regions. It is also an opportunity to consider heritage as a major economic asset, a driver of tourism attractiveness and a key issue for growth and employment.


To support this popular momentum, the Ministry of Culture has deployed additional resources this year. In particular, it increased the limits on the subsidy rates for monuments supported under the Mission Patrimoine en péril: up to 40% for buildings listed as historic monuments (usually 20%) and up to 60% for buildings classified as historical monuments (40% usually).


Franck Riester salutes those who contribute to the success of this initiative, including Stéphane Bern, whose constant investment and unfailing enthusiasm have made it possible.


He warmly thanks the remarkable involvement of the French Games, the Heritage Foundation and its regional delegations as well as the central and decentralized services of the Ministry of Culture.


Finally, the Minister also thanks the partners who accompany this device and especially AXA France, founding member of the Heritage Foundation, who joined the Mission Patrimoine en Péril and became a major patron for 3 years by contributing €500,000 per year. Five of the 103 sites selected will be chosen by the employees and general agents of AXA France.