Faced with the many uncertainties created by the health crisis and the heterogeneity of the situations and wishes of each festival, Franck Riester, Minister of Culture, wishes to provide support to the organizers on a case-by-case basis.

Indeed, if some already wish to cancel their 2020 edition, others for whom the lockdown does not create a delay in the preparation of their edition, wish to wait for the evolution of the situation.

In liaison with the other ministries, the support unit will be based on the Directorates-General of the Ministry of Culture and its operators, the regional cultural affairs directorates and the cultural affairs directorates Overseasto identify the various needs and thus adapt the State’s responses.

The support cell is activated today and will remain so until the end of the health crisis.

In addition to their contacts with their local contacts within the State services, festival organizers can already contact her at the following e-mail address: festivals-covid19@culture.gouv.fr