On July 1, 2022, a decree of the Minister of Culture, Rima Abdul Malak, came into force, guaranteeing a minimum remuneration for all performers and phonographic labels for streaming. This device, unprecedented worldwide, testifies to the ability of French music players to provide answers to the sharing of value on online music.

Provided by the law, in Article L. 212-14 of the Industrial Property Code, the decree allows the entry into force of the agreement of May 12, 2022 which very concretely improves the situation of the artists concerned:

- All performers who receive proportional royalties now have the guarantee of royalties in excess of ten per cent or much higher (28% when the producer licenses his recordings). They are entitled to a minimum advance from the producer, of 1000 euros per unpublished album. This amount, which will be the subject of joint support within the sector, is fixed at least initially at 500 euros when the producer is a very small company. The contractual abatements that can be applied to the royalties received by artists are regulated. Finally, the rate stipulated in the contract must be improved in case of significant success.

- Musicians who are paid essentially by the fee will all receive an additional flat rate of about 100 euros per musician for a 40-minute album. They will also receive additional amounts each time the levels of success defined by the agreement are reached: 34 euros for 7.5 million listens, 42 euros more for more than 15 million, 50 euros more for more than 30 million, and 59 euros more for more thanover 50 million and for any multiple of this threshold.

The minister welcomes the commitment of the sector that has enabled this historic advance, thanks to the unanimous agreement of all trade union confederations, producer organizations and collective management organizations. She thanked the music mediator, Mr. Jean-Philippe Mochon, and the ministry teams who made this result possible. Rima Abdul Malak will stand by their side to bring this agreement to life and, with the National Music Centre and all the partners concerned, build together the future of recorded music production in France.