Muriel PÉNICAUD, Minister of Labour, Jean-Michel BLANQUER, Minister of National Education and Youth and Franck RIESTER, Minister of Culture, met this Thursday, April 18 at the Ministry of Labour:


- Mr. Michel GUISEMBERT (President of the French Committee for Professional Competitions)

- Mr. Jean-Claude BELLANGER (Secretary General of the Compagnons du devoir)

- Mr. Roland GRIMAULT (Director of the Rural Family Homes Movement - MFR)

- Mr Patrick LIEBUS (President of the CAPEB)

- Mr Bernard STALTER (President of APCMA)    

- Mr. Frédéric LETOFFE (Co-Chair of the GMH attached to the FFB)

- Mr. François ASSELIN, (Director of Asselin SAS who built the Hermione and President of CPME).

The ministers are pleased that the skills, know-how and techniques necessary to rebuild Notre Dame are available, having been handed down from generation to generation.

They recall that the law for the freedom to choose one’s professional future of 5 September 2018 has lifted all the regulatory and financial brakes to allow the take-off of learning and thus respond to new challenges.

They launched the Chantiers de France announced by the President of the Republic that will bring together the apprentice training centers and the vocational schools training in the arts, mobilized to rebuild the cathedral. Their objective is twofold: to keep the reconstruction period of five years and to allow all young people wishing to engage in this project to learn a trade in accordance with the needs expressed: carpenters, masons, stonemasons, roofers, vitraillistes, painter decorators, organ builders…

This mobilization of the Nation will allow the fair recognition of these crafts little known to the French and sometimes denigrated, even though they are future trades mobilized today in many projects of renovation of the heritage.


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