Françoise Nyssen, Minister for Culture, welcomes the adoption by the European Parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee of the report on the copyright directive.

This report includes the main guidelines proposed by the European Commission and adopted by the Committee of Permanent Representatives (or the Council) on 25 May:

- The creation of a neighbouring right for press publishers to ensure better remuneration for the online reproduction of their articles. This is a major step forward in creating a viable business model for the digital press.

- Strengthening the capacity of creators to be compensated by digital platforms that exploit their works. This accountability will ensure a better sharing of value for the benefit of creators.

The report also enshrines a right to fair and proportionate remuneration for creators.

The Minister thanked the rapporteur and all the deputies who actively mobilized in favour of this text.

It will be vigilant to ensure that the outcome of the negotiations confirms these important developments, for a regulation of digital technology that benefits the creation, cultural diversity and pluralism of the press.