In a context of the digital transition of society, the Ministry of Culture accompanies the development of innovative digital services promoting access to culture and heritage to the greatest number, facilitating the dissemination of cultural content and meeting the objectives of knowledge transmission and cultural democratisation.

The Call for Innovative Digital Services (SNI PAA) projects aims to support prototyping and concrete experiences, in order to best assess the potential and interest of certain innovations for cultural actors and prepare, where appropriate, their dissemination, drawing on the expertise and feedback of a few pioneers.

For the 2020 edition of the call for projects, as part of the Franco-Quebec mission on the online discoverability of francophone cultural content, Particular attention will be paid to projects that contribute to improving the provision and promotion of actors and online content for the purpose of improving public knowledge, promoting the diversity of cultural expressions or enriching the cultural content offered.

The call for projects is aimed at companies, start-ups, associations and research laboratories that want to demonstrate the concept of innovative digital solutions in partnership with cultural actors.

After a selection phase led by a committee composed of representatives of the Ministry of Culture and qualified personalities from the digital ecosystem and innovation, some 15 projects will be likely to be selected at the end of 2020.

Application deadline: 1er October 2020, 4:00 pm.

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