As part of the reaffirmed priority for media and information literacy (MIL), the Ministry of Culture is launching a national call for projects with a budget of 1.5 million euro. The actions eligible under this framework must have a national or, at least, inter-regional dimension with a stated national ambition.

In particular, it will:

- Reinforce the actions carried out at national level by associations that work with young people, in the school setting or outside of school time;

- Develop time-integrated modules for media and information education as part of the National Universal Service (SNU);

- Increase the involvement of libraries or other cultural equipment networks

- Develop innovative and creative projects and new tools that meet the announced priorities.

For projects of regional or local scope, project sponsors are invited to contact the Regional Cultural Affairs Directorates (DRAC) which will also deploy calls for projects or strengthen their actions in favor of the EMI in the territories with an envelope of 1.5 million euros of decentralized credits.

This 6 million euro media education plan addresses four priorities:

- Combat hate content and deconstruct conspiracy theories whose massive online distribution, especially on social networks, is a growing challenge for our society and our democracy;

- Decipher the infox, analyze the images, know how to navigate the different sources of information, understand the mechanisms of influence that are involved;

- Promote a better understanding of journalistic work, the functioning of the media and social networks, in a context of great distrust of a part of the population vis-à-vis traditional media and the mass circulation of false information;

- Combat piracy and raise awareness of the role of intellectual property in protecting authors and creation.

 Developing media and information literacy is one of my priorities. Everything must be done to help everyone to strengthen their critical mind in the face of infox, to dismantle conspiracy theories, to fight online hate... What is at stake here is also a democratic challenge: the credibility of news and journalistic work, in the age of social networks and the loss of trust in the media.” Franck Riester, Minister of Culture.

You can find via the link below the presentation of the call for projects and all the information on the submission of applications: