The Ministry of Culture is opening a public consultation to assess whether there are still difficulties in purchasing e-books overseas.

Indeed, in the past, residents of French overseas departments, regions and communities have found it difficult to buy e-books on French reseller sites or on French sites on international platforms. So far, the contacts initiated by the Directorate-General for Media and Cultural Industries (DGMIC) with local actors in several of these territories have not made it possible to verify that these difficulties persist, nor to have information on the reasons for them.

The Ministry of Culture therefore wishes to carry out an inventory, which will make it possible to identify the territories where difficulties remain, in order to study ways of remedying them. This inventory will be based on the responses collected to an online questionnaire, in order to allow any ultramarine resident who has encountered difficulties in purchasing an e-book on a French resale site to communicate to the ministry the details of the problem: name of the resale platform, title of the book concerned and description of the malfunctions encountered.

This consultation is open until 2 December 2018. The responses collected will make it possible to study, in conjunction with those involved in the distribution of e-books, the answers to be given to any difficulties observed.

Any person residing in the French Overseas Territories who has encountered difficulties in purchasing an e-book on a website or a purchasing application for the French market may participate in this consultation.

The online consultation form is available at this address.